Interim Management and Services

Increasingly, companies face complex challenges that require quick responses. Managers are able to successfully face change thanks to their in-depth experience in similar contexts and situations.

The Interim Manager manages the company or part of it in critical positive phases such as: growth, development of new businesses / markets; and negative such as industrial, economic and financial restructuring, ensuring continuity within the organisation.

TIM Management Interim Managers can be integrated in the Company’s organisational chart in just a few weeks, immediately taking full responsibility for operational management. The Interim Manager best suited to the project is selected together with the customer and contracted by TIM Management who places them in the company, with a consultancy report. TIM Management provides a tutoring and support service for a Partner to the Interim Manager, during the placement phase, and periodic monitoring of the project.


  •  High professionalism by an expert specialist resource
  •   A resource that is available quickly and immediately
  •   Growing managerial skills in the company
  •   Contract duration commensurate with company needs
    • Short projects of between 9 and 12 months
    • Projects lasting up to 18/36 months if they involve restructuring and relaunching
  •   Set and limited costs over time
  •   Possibility of interruption without significant costs
  •   Ability to operate on a full-time or part-time assignment


Restructuring and Turnaround  

TIM Management has extensive management experience in situations of industrial and financial restructuring and is available to support the company in the development and management of the project. We are able to successfully tackle Restructuring and Turnaround projects, thanks to our multifunctional teams led by experienced Senior Partners.

Our restructuring projects frequently require industrial restructuring and must be addressed with teams that include very different skills, which can all be provided by TIM Management:

  • Industry skills: the companies to be restructured are characterised by large gaps compared to performance by the best competitors. The key to the intervention is identifying these gaps and subsequent implementation of necessary changes.
  • Industry reorganisational skills: the turnaround process always involves structural organisational changes where implementation requires the temporary intervention of resources with specific trade union management skills.
  • Financial restructuring skills: industrial restructuring is often accompanied by financial restructuring. In this case, it is advisable to make use of resources who have already experienced this situation in the company, for example:
    • Management of liquidity stress situations
    • Professional relationship with creditors (suppliers, banks, revenue agency, etc.) in crisis situations.
    • Good knowledge of crisis management tools and available bankruptcy procedures.

Some TIM Management Partners have extensive management experience in situations of financial stress and have a certified professional knowledge of applicable legal tools (art. 67, 182 bis, agreement, negotiated composition, etc.)

For the Negotiated Composition of Crisis, nationally, TIM Management can offer independent resources with suitable skills, responsible for the recovery process (Chief Restructuring Officer CRO). The appointment of these resources is highly recommended for the credibility of the Recovery Plan and when restoration is envisaged for the benefit of creditors on the achievement of income or financial results (earnings out).

Over time, relationships of trust have been built with professional investors, specialised in turnaround situations, who, if required, are willing to consider investing in projects managed by TIM and its partners.



In cases of considerable discontinuity and change, it is particularly important for the company to equip itself with resources equipped with appropriate skills who have already successfully undergone similar processes. TIM Management Managers and Partners can meet the challenge of non-recurring business phases and characterised by a high discontinuity, such as:

  • Post-acquisition integration: these are very delicate interventions because they involve business aspects but also important psychological elements that can be critical. The placement of a resource in the company who has already experienced integration projects in person, is an important success factor and a further guarantee of success for the buyer.
  • Internationalisation: for many Italian companies it is compulsory for survival in the medium/long term. In order to successfully meet the challenge, it is useful to involve resources who have already experienced this more than once and who have significant experience in international markets.
  • Generational transition: a difficult time in the life of a family business. An external manager who not only supports the company and property, but may also offer tutoring services can be key.
  • Finding a key manager: finding a manager in a strategic role can be arduous, and the most qualified resources aren’t always  able to take on a new assignment at the drop of a hat. In these cases, taking on an experienced interim manager can help the company to safely find and select the most suitable ‘permanent’, motivated resource.


 Private Equity Services (Operating Partner) 

TIM Management is called on by Private Equity companies in the event of:

  • Need to fill specific managerial roles fast
  • Non-performing investments requiring industrial or financial restructuring

TIM Management also offers the position of “Operating Partner”, i.e. Managers focused on specific sectors for support in the pre-analysis of opportunities, the acquisition process and possible build up.

TIM Management Operating Partners can be involved from the initial phase of project study by participating in:

  • Evaluation of the investment opportunity and preparation of action plans based on the business plan, with particular focus on growth-value areas.
  • Support in the business due diligence phase.
  • Post-acquisition entry into the company of the managerial resources necessary for the implementation of the business plan.
  • Delivery of the project through monitoring of management performance and adaptation of the Business Plan in the face of changes in the scenario.


Executive Search 

We assist Clients in the search for senior executives, function managers and independent directors. Thanks to TIM’S Partners and managers in-depth knowledge of the business sectors,  we can offer an effective executive search service.


IPO e Capital Advisory 

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) ADVISORY consists of a high-profile consultancy, dedicated to companies that intend to access the capital market through listing on the markets managed by Borsa Italiana. The Advisor supports the company during the listing process, from the point of view of relations with the bodies responsible for IPO and Governance, Management Control and Operations and the development of Finance. The Capital Advisory service, through a similar process, can prepare the company for the entry of new financial partners.

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