IPO Management Advisory

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) MANAGEMENT ADVISORY consists of a special consultancy aimed at companies that intend to approach, for various reasons, the capital market and in particular, the listing on the financial markets managed by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

TIM is capable of:

  • Evaluate and verify with the entrepreneur the actual validity / opportunity of the possible listing;
  • Support him in the relationship with the competent office of Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange);
  • Help him in choosing the reference market, the sector / segment best suited to the characteristics and expectations of the company and the reasons for the listing;
  • Give him assistance in choosing the Legal and Financial Advisor, Industrial Advisor, Global Coordinator and Book Runners, Investor Relator, Independent Auditors, etc.
  • Help the company in developing the necessary requirements in terms of corporate governance, management control, financial communication etc. today requested by the Authorities that govern the financial markets and whichrepresent decisive moments for the success of the project.
  • Provide the company , by Temporary or Project based Agreements, with the specific skills for the implementation or development of the main business processes and systems.

The complexity of a listing project as well as its relevance in terms of image, in terms of consequences on the future of the company and finally in terms of achieving the financial objectives underlying the listing itself requires suitable skills.

The time factor will be fundamental and strategic: the decision to promptly evaluate the opportunity to activate an IPO Advisory Project is an essential condition for the preparatory phase and to be ready when the financial market or the conditions of the company will be such as to suggest the realization of a listing project or the access to the capital.

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