Our Team

TIM's mission is to support companies in their development and/or restructuring phases, assisting them in managing change.

Patrizia Michela Giangualano

Governance and Sustainability Advisor

Currently Independent Director of Boards of Directors of listed companies: Mondadori, Leonardo, Epta, SEA Aeroporti, ASTM, PBI with positions in Risks, Sustainability and Remuneration Committees. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Nedcommunity (the association of independent directors) managing the Reflection Group, she works with ASviS, the Alliance for Sustainable Development in relations with companies and is an ADEIMF member. She teaches at universities, companies and Masters in the areas of governance, risk and ESG performance, controls, compliance and sustainability.


She was Partner and Vice President of leading consulting firms in Italy and abroad, supporting businesses, banks and insurance companies, coordinating the drafting of industrial plans, corporate restructuring, corporate governance projects, risk analysis and control, as well as preparation of ratings for the SME sector. She was a Director of banking groups in strategic supervision, control and turnaround.


She is a consultant to leading companies and SMEs on issues of governance, integrated control system, 231 regulations in support of the ODV, sustainability, non-financial declarations and corporate transformation towards new sustainable business models. She is co-author of Sustainability in search of companies (Egea 2019), the first book on non-financial reporting as a governance tool for risks and opportunities.