Interim e Temporary management

Companies are increasingly faced with complex challenges – internationalization processes, business repositioning, development of new markets, reorganizations, M&A, succession issues – which require prompt responses and managers who, thanks to their deep experience of similar contexts and situations, can successfully drive the change.

TIM’s temporary managers can be hired and integrated in the company’s organization in just few weeks, taking ownership the lead of the operational management, from the very beginning. The Temporary Manager, who is most suited for the project, is selected together with the client and put under contract by TIM, operating on a consultancy basis.


In time of great discontinuity, it is particularly important for the company to hire the best resources, with the appropriate skills; resources who have already successfully dealt with similar transitions. TIM managers and partners can deal with non-recurring and highly discontinuous phases, such as:
Post-acquisition integration: these are very delicate situations, not only for the implications on business process but also for their critical psychological impact. Hiring a resource who has already experienced, and managed first-hand integration projects is a key success factor and a further guarantee of succeeding for the acquirer.
Internationalization: for many Italian companies this is an obligation, just needed essential requirement to survive in the medium/long term. To approach it successfully, it is recommended to have on board resources that have already gone through a similar experience, even more than once, gaining a significant experience in international markets.
Succession: this is always a difficult moment for the family business; the experience of an external manager to support the company and the entrepreneur might be a winning factor; the manager can also operate as tutor, when appropriate.
The hunt for a manager in a strategic function can be long and difficult; it is not always possible, for the most qualified resources, to take on a new role quickly. In these cases, the introduction of an experienced interim manager might help the company to face with the necessary peace of mind the search and the choice of the most suitable and motivated ‘permanent’ resource, to be recruited.


TIM partners with Private Equity Funds in case of:
  • Need to fill specific managerial roles, in a short timeframe.
  • Non-performing investments that require industrial or financial restructuring.

TIM can also provide “Operating Partners”, i.e. Managers focused on specific sectors, supporting the pre-screening of opportunities, the acquisition process and the eventual build up. TIM Operating Partners can be involved from the initial project study phase, working on:

  • The evaluation of the investment opportunity and the preparation of the action plan, based on the business plan, with particular focus on the expected value growth areas areas where value growth is brought out from.
  • Supporting the business in the due diligence phase.
  • Hiring the most appropriate managerial resources for the implementation of the business plan, after the acquisition.
  • Delivery of the project through the monitoring of the management performance and the adjustment of the Business Plan management performance supervision and Business Plan adjustment, to align it with a changing scenario.
Executive Search

We assist Clients in attracting senior Executives, Head of functions and independent Directors. Thanks to the in-depth understanding of the business, gained in all sectors by the TIM partners and managers, we can provide a quick and effective executive search service.


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