The first Interim Management company in Italy

We provide the entrepreneur with high profile expert Management Resources, to support the company in the restructuring, growth and development phases, in Italy and abroad.

About us

TIM Management is the first Italian Temporary Interim Management Company: founded in 1987 in Milan, it offers managerial support to companies, in the restructuring and growth and development phases, in Italy and abroad. TIM Management is part of WIL Group, a network consisting of 13 leading Interim Management companies operating in 60 countries, with the aim of providing an efficient transnational service to its customers.

Discover Interim Management

Appointing an Interim Manager to the company means entrusting the outsourcing of projects to professionals with significant experience to speed up implementation and commissioning.

TIM Management quickly provides companies with high-level managerial resources, with proven business experience in head of company roles such as CEO, Board Member, GM; heads of department manager such as CFO, Operation Manager, Sales & Marketing; and even CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer), if necessary.

The Interim Manager is involved in the following areas in the company:

  • Managing Targeted Projects
  • Launching new projects
  • Internationalisation
  • Post-acquisition or merger management
  • Managing Generational Changeover
  • Crisis Management
  • Restructuring
  • Managing the transition while waiting for a permanent manager
  • Maternity replacement management
  • Coaching a permanent manager
  • Digital Transformation

CDI Global - M&A

To obtain the financial resources, we partner with our subsidiary CDI Global, a prestigious global network of consultants in over 30 countries, offering cross-border M&A services, including M&A target company search, disinvestment and joint venture partner search, and any other business consulting services in global markets.

Our Team

TIM Management partners are managers with extensive direct management experience with backgrounds in change and design and implementation of extraordinary operations.

Our network of Managers

TIM Management has a large database of managers with in-depth business management experience in top management roles. The rich selection of managers with a business and industrial background is a TIM Management distinctive strength.



Years' experience


Years' experience
Sectors covered


Sectors covered

A success story

Over 30 years' experience and a long history of success stories make TIM Management the ideal partner for all companies in a development, change or restructuring phase. TIM Management has developed specific expertise in the most strategic product sector supply chains, building a wealth of specific methodologies applicable in all companies.

Mechanical engineering

Paper, packaging and graphic printing

Textiles and clothing

Food and beverages

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